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What we’re looking for

  • Companies with gross revenues of $250,000+ with EBITDA of 15%+
  • Companies where our collective experience can add tangible value in saving money, improving profitability and more with small investments of time (a few hrs. per month)
  • Owners who are fully committed to and passionate about their business
  • Owners who actively seek knowledge and to surround themselves with people who are strong in areas/skills where they are weak


What we’re offering

  • Cash investments of $10,000-$50,000 (more is feasible depending on opportunity) for a minority stake in founder-led companies
  • Active support: (1) regular meetings to work through strategic challenges and (2) doing what we reasonably can to advance the business through our experience/networks
  • Entrepreneur-centrism – we understand the realities of what it’s like to build a business and have a long-term view on generating returns vs. exerting undo and unconstructive pressure for driving them in the short-term. There is inevitable volatility and deviation from any plan and we recognize this is the reality of any business. 

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